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Curtain Walls


Do you want to create Temperature Zones, Contain Humidity, or Control Sound in Your Warehouse?

Welcome to InsulWall® an insulated, flexible warehouse curtain wall. This modern warehouse wall is flexible, insulated, modular, and adaptable to virtually any warehouse environment. An alternative to rigid panels and traditional dry wall, InsulWall helps organizations create temperature controlled warehouse spaces with ease and efficiency.

Whether your business is storing seasonal produce, craft beer, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, or has machinery that requires humidity and temperature control – InsulWall helps partition your warehouse space to create the right environment for your business needs.

In addition, InsulWall is the only modular warehouse curtain wall that is constructed with recycled insulation, making it a LEED® contributing product.

How does it work?

InsulWall works in conjunction with the building’s refrigeration and HVAC units to partition space and maintain setpoint temperatures and humidity levels. Our engineering team works with each organization to design InsulWall according to the facility’s needs and infrastructure.

Temperature & Humidity Control

InsulWall is the only flexible, insulated curtain wall manufactured with recycled insulation making it a GREEN, LEED® contributing product. Available in a variety of R values and thicknesses – we can meet most humidity and temperature-control needs, including freezer space.

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